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Why should I contribute private market data to Notice?
Why should I contribute private market data to Notice?

Private market data sourced from our global collective of investors and brokers helps make Notice Price the most accurate pricing available.

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Our mission at Notice is to level the playing field for all private market participants. The most important way we do that is by publishing Notice Price, the only real-time private market stock price available for over 1,000 private, venture-backed companies.

The accuracy of Notice Price is greatest when we have a high degree of consensus in private market data for a company (eg. trades, offers to buy/sell, internal/external valuations, etc). Therefore, our goal is to collect as much verified private market data as possible for every company we price.

Who contributes trade data to Notice and why?

Notice receives private market data from a collective of private market participants who receive both direct and indirect benefit from contributing private market data to the Notice platform. Two examples:

  1. Independent brokers who use Notice to connect with employees and investors contribute private market data to Notice to support the pricing intel they are providing their clients and to strengthen the private market consensus in companies that they cover. The stronger the consensus, the more buyers and sellers are likely to agree on a price and execute a trade, which benefits the broker.

  2. Employees and investors who use Notice to track the value of their equity grants and/or stock portfolios contribute private market data to Notice because sharing their trades makes Notice Price more accurate for their portfolio companies.

How does Notice verify private market data?

For every trade contribution, Notice either reviews closing documents or receives written confirmation from head of compliance that the trade data provided is accurate.

For other private market data (eg. financings, internal/external valuations), we verify using source documents (such as COIs, news, etc) and include that source for members to see.

How does Notice anonymize trade data?

Our Notice Price algorithm uses trade verified trade data without any modification. When we display the trade data publicly on (for example in our Notice price charts), we anonymize the trade data in two ways to protect the anonymity of our members:

  1. We time-shift the trade close date to accommodate ROFR

  2. We bucket trade volume as follows: <$1M, $1-5M, $5-10M, $10M+

  3. We do not connect the trade with you or your firm anywhere on or our API

How do I submit private market data?

You can submit trades and IOIs directly through Notice Portfolio and Notice Liquidity features. Please email us at [email protected] for assistance on submitting other private market data to Notice.

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