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What are Notice Rankings?
What are Notice Rankings?

Notice Rankings are ranked lists of private companies based on Notice Price.

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Our mission at Notice is to level the playing field for all private market participants. One way we do that is to help investors more easily and powerfully discover and diligence private companies using best-in-class private market data and research tools. To that end, we have just launched Notice Rankings, a free research tool that offers massive improvements in relevance, accuracy and freshness vs. current offerings.

Notice Rankings

Notice Rankings are ranked lists of private companies using criteria highly relevant for investors, and based on the most accurate and most current private market data available. Unlike rankings from other data providers, Notice Rankings are based on the same real-time private market data that powers Notice Price - the best pricing available for the private markets. In addition, Notice Rankings and are updated daily, making them the freshest rankings available in the private markets.

These advantages make Notice Rankings the definitive company rankings guide to the private markets.

The initial 7 Notice Rankings:

  1. Top Movers: Companies with largest gains and losses in value over last 30 days.

  2. Most Valuable: Most valuable companies based on current share price.

  3. Most Funded: Companies with largest amount of capital raised to date.

  4. Most Discounted: Companies with largest drop in value since last financing.

  5. Most Active: Companies with the highest Activity Score, a measure of relative liquidity in the private markets.

  6. Largest Rounds: Companies with largest funding rounds over last 30 days.

  7. Riskiest Common Stock: Companies with lowest Coverage Ratio, a measure of the company's ability to return capital to common shareholders in a liquidity event. This is an important financial health metric tracked only by Notice.

Notice Rankings are the best rankings available to private market investors who want to research companies based on multiple, relevant criteria using the most accurate and freshest private market data available, and they are completely free.

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