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How do I watchlist a company?
How do I watchlist a company?

Watchlist companies you care about to get price change alerts

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Watchlisting companies is a free tool on Notice. When you watchlist a company, several things happen:

  1. You will see the company logo on your home page, which links to the company profile.

  2. You will be able to use watchlist companies as a filter the company screener tool.

  3. You will receive price change alert emails, which you can control on your account settings.

How do I watchlist a company?

You watchlist a company by clicking the "Watchlist" button on the upper right corner of any company profile, turning it dark blue. To stop watchlisting a company, just click the button again, turning it light blue.

How many companies can I watchlist?

You can watchlist as many companies as you want!

Where can I access my watchlisted companies?

Your watchlisted company icons will appear in the "Watchlist" section of your home page.

How can I change the frequency of the price change alerts for my watchlisted companies?

You can change the settings by clicking the gear icon on the upper right side corner of any Notice page, then clicking "Settings" from the drop down menu, then clicking "Notification" from the settings menu, then clicking your desired frequency from the drop down menu in the "Companies" section.

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