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What is the Notice Data Collective?
What is the Notice Data Collective?

Notice works with a community of private market participants who share our vision and actively contribute private market data to Notice.

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Notice is on a mission to level the playing field for all private market market participants. The most important way we do this is by publishing Notice Price, the most accurate and current stock price available in the private market for 1,000+ companies.

Notice Price is determined every minute by a proprietary algorithm that analyzes private market data sourced from government filings, company documents, press releases, news, and the Notice Data Collective.

What is the Notice Data Collective?

The Notice Data Collective is a global community of Notice members who share Notice's vision of a fully transparent private market that benefits all market participants. Members of the Notice Data Collective helps realize this vision by actively contributing private market data to Notice in order to:

  1. Help make Notice Price as accurate as possible

  2. Help Notice price more companies

The Data Collective consists of registered broker-dealers, startup employees, angel investors, family offices, and VC funds.

What data does the Notice Data Collective contribute?

Notice Data Collective can contribute data including COIs, financing documents, 409a documents, stock split amendments, trade documents, and more.

Why is the Notice Data Collective important?

Private markets are highly fragmented, making it very difficult for any one participant, regardless of their size, to get a clear view of what is happening.

The Notice Data Collective solves this problem by serving as a central repository of private market data, and then using that data to publish the most accurate pricing in the private market, which benefits all private market participants.

How big is the Notice Data Collective?

Thousands of individual market participants have contributed data to Notice.

How can I join the Notice Data Collective?

Any Notice member can be part of the Data Collective by contributing private market data. Your participation is anonymous and not reflected anywhere on Notice.

How do I contribute private market data to Notice?

Email us at [email protected] and we will discuss how to most efficiently collect your data.

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